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Cultural Heritage

We all play a role in recognising and conserving heritage, including Aboriginal Cultural Heritage, and places, structures and other elements of cultural significance.


More information will be added to this page over the coming months, please check back regularly. 

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Aboriginal Cultural Heritage

The Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003 requires anyone who carries out a land-use activity to exercise a duty of care.

This ‘duty of care’ means land users must take all reasonable and practicable measure to ensure their activity does not harm Aboriginal Cultural Heritage.

Native title

Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islander peoples are the original people of Australia who have rights and interests in land that come from their traditional lores and customs. The recognition of these rights in Australian Law is called 'native title’ and is administered through the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth).


Indigenous Land Use Agreements

An Indigenous land use agreement is a voluntary agreement about the use and management of lands and waters between the native title party and other people, which may include the state government or a person with an interest in the area.



We acknowledge Torres Strait Islander peoples and the governing Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage Act, however, state forest operations only occur in Queensland.

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Queensland Heritage

Queensland's heritage places have been shaped by Queensland’s history, resources, environment, and people. Queensland heritage places are places that we want to keep, respect, protect and pass onto future generations.


Heritage places in Queensland are assessed and managed at four levels:

  • International – The World Heritage List, including places listed under UNESCO

  • National – The National Heritage List, including places listed under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

  • State - Places of cultural heritage significance to Queensland is protected by the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 and are entered in the Queensland Heritage Register.

  • Local – places of local heritage significance may be listed by local government in a local heritage register under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992

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